Listen my set played at arborescence 2

This set played during the “Arborescence 2” dance day in Lausanne (CH) is a reminder of the sun, the exchange, the love that the public can share during an afternoon of dance!

I had a lot of fun sharing this with a Dance Floor that was at its maximum. The smiles of all these people make this set even more wonderful to listen to. Some tracks have been played in my previous bookings, they are so good to listen to that I had to put them back on the “Arborescence” Dance Floor.

Arboresence 2 – Soundcloud set

Afternoon in the colors, I dreamed of such a moment and this moment it was “Les Fines Herbes” who gave it to us!

I hope you will enjoy this music. Naturally more relaxing than a set played at night, it helps you wake up and heat up naturally!

Thank you to everyone present at this event. Thank you to my family, to my loving son who inspires me every day. Thank you to all those crazy people who danced all afternoon in the sun! Thank you to you, my friends of the “LFH”, as well as to all those who share the pleasure of listening to my sets!

Music is love, music is dance!

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